Monday, May 1, 2017

Sketching Group in Madison

Sketchers on the left and Raging Grannies singing on the right at Dane Co. Farmer's Market
Brittingham Boats
Union Terrace
                     Urban Sketcher roughing it on a cold winter's day in the Reading Room at the State Historical Society

The people in these photos are having almost as much fun as plein air painters do but usually in more comfortable conditions.  They are the members of Urban Sketchers Madison a regional Chapter of the international group called Urban Sketchers which is 10 years old this year.  We meet usually twice a month to sketch together for a couple hours and share our sketches and experiences with each other and we would like to invite anyone with an interest in drawing from life to join us.  You can find our schedule by clicking Events on our blog.  For several years we sketched as members of Draw Madison a local group inspired by Urban Sketchers to draw in our community and wherever we traveled.  In 2016 we were invited to apply to for Regional Chapter status in Urban Sketchers and we have been Urban Sketchers Madison since then.  Urban Sketching is a lot like plein air painting in that we are working from what we see in front of us in whatever is the medium of our choice.  And we paint outdoors as much as the weather permits and find cozier places when it is cold or rainy outdoors.  We invite anyone who is interested to come sketch with us.  There are no dues and no experience necessary.  If you have a question please feel free to contact me at

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