Saturday, November 28, 2015

First Snow Painting

Here's my painting from the Duck Pond that a few of us visited last week.  Actually, I wiped out my first effort done on site and re-painted it using a photo reference and my memory.  I didn't realize until the end that I forgot to put any ducks in the pond.


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Duck Pond November 22nd

Tom Painting the Duck Pond
Four painters showed up on the first snow painting day of this season at the Duck Pond on Nakoma Rd.  I stayed in my car drawing for awhile but got out long enough to do a quick pastel.  I painted this from the parking lot with an obscured view so I sort of faked it.  I think Tom is a bit taller.  I used Colorfix pastel paper in a sort of plum shade.  I rarely use this brand of paper but for quick sketches  a dark background like this can help speed things along. Below is Nan Zimdars' oil painting of the pond.  She and Tom were brave enough to stand in the snow.
Nan Zimdars' view of the pond

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Arts West 37

Tracy Wiklund brought this art show to our attention.  It is a juried show with a painting submittal date of January 5, 2016.  There's a $10 entry fee but there's also opportunity to sell your paintings plus there are four cash awards ranking from $300 to $100.  The show runs from the end of February to April 8th.  It's located in Eau Claire but is open to all Wisconsin residents and may be worth the trip.  Here's the link for more information and application:

Saturday, November 7, 2015

CamRoc revisited

A year ago the DCPAPAs met at CamRoc Park and painted for the morning. It was green and lush and beautiful. I started this painting and finished it in the studio. I was really happy with it as it conveyed the feelings I had about the park.

CamRoc Park, Yahara River, Cambridge WI, oil on panel, 11x17
 This year I painted in the same spot but by now, November, most of the leaves were down but it was still a beautiful day and a gorgeous park. I was experimenting with the Anders Zorn palette of ivory black, cad red, yellow ochre and white. I did cheat and used a tiny bit of cad yellow. The sky and water are just black and white.
2015 CamRoc 1, 8am to 10am, oil on panel, 7x10"

2015 CamRoc 2, 10am to noon, oil on panel, 7x10"

Friday, November 6, 2015

This is my attempt at plein air painting from last Tuesday. Beautiful day for painting.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Cam-Rock Park

We took advantage of this amazing weather and had a large turnout for the last outing of the season.  And who knows, if this weather holds maybe we'll have another outing before Thanksgiving.  I promised a painting with some orange and red in it.  This will have to do.