Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Festge Park, May 16, 2017A

It was a beautiful morning. The cloud cover lifted by 9:30am (as promised by Pat Wafer;-)
We met Gary, one of the hardworking 'friends of Festge Park'. Evidence of their hard work was abundant. There were views through the trees that were formerly too thick to see through. The wild geraniums were starting to bloom. Gary says the peak will probably be next week. Salmo pond, across Highway 14, looked inviting. Next time?

A collage of some of the gear the DCPAP's use. Watercolor, oils, pastels...

Untitled, possibly unfinished plein air, 6" x 12", oil on board; Jan Norsetter


  1. Great photos, Jan!! It is fun to see everyone's gear. Your painting is so nice and interesting to see how you move elements around but still capture the scene and the feel of the morning.

  2. Thanks for the photos Jan. Very nice painting. You like how you painted the plowed field.