Friday, May 19, 2017

Salmo Pond and Bigger Brushes

We got a bit of sunshine later yesterday so I decided to check out Salmo Pond which is our next painting site.  It's really a great little place with lots of choices for compositions without having to walk too far from the parking lot.   Many views of the pond are good and Black Earth Creek runs along side it. The only downside is the noise of the traffic at rush hour but with my earphones and the radio on even that was not too bad.  Minus the traffic sounds the air is filled with birdsong.  I do think the earphones also prevented me being interrupted by onlookers although there were only a few people there.  I took Jan Norsetter's advice and used bigger brushes (1/2 & 3/4 inch) for this 8 x 10 oil and it helped me from getting too bogged down in detail.  I gave myself 75 min and stopped when my time was up which also helped me avoid fussing as much as I tend to do.   I painted on a grey Richeson board that I think I got for free somewhere and it had a decent surface but I like those oil primed linen Centurion panels better.  Looking forward to going back with DCPAPA on Thursday.
Black Earth Creek looking south

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Festge View

Here's my painting from the main overlook at Festge Park, or at least part of it.  I didn't like some of it and selectively cropped this photo to just include what I liked.   Tom

Yesterday ar Festge Park

Inspired by Tom's comments on wild geraniums I ventured into  the tick world. :-) Here's yesterday's effort, oil on Raymar board, 14"x18". Unfinished, waiting for the next sunny morning to be completed.

Salmo Pond May 25th for Plein Air Painting

Image result for salmo pond
Salmo Pond Hwy 14 just opposite entrance to Festge Park in Dane Co.

We will paint here next Thursday May 25th.  Check calendar for start time but probably around 8am.  There is a parking lot right here by the pond.  We thought those of us who have paintings at the Library in Cross Plains can pick them up after and get a bite to eat at Crossroads Coffee House in Cross Plains which often hangs interesting work by local artists.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Festge Park, May 16, 2017A

It was a beautiful morning. The cloud cover lifted by 9:30am (as promised by Pat Wafer;-)
We met Gary, one of the hardworking 'friends of Festge Park'. Evidence of their hard work was abundant. There were views through the trees that were formerly too thick to see through. The wild geraniums were starting to bloom. Gary says the peak will probably be next week. Salmo pond, across Highway 14, looked inviting. Next time?

A collage of some of the gear the DCPAP's use. Watercolor, oils, pastels...

Untitled, possibly unfinished plein air, 6" x 12", oil on board; Jan Norsetter

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Painting at Festge Park Tuesday May 16th

Image result for festge park
Scenic overlook at Festge Park

We will meet at 8 am near the main shelter and parking lot for plein air painting until around noon.  Maybe go for lunch nearby after?  Check blog and event calendar again in case of any last minute change in the schedule due to weather conditions.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Painting crab apples in bloom at the Arboretum is a lot of fun!

Oil on Raymar linen board, 12"x16"

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Painting Arboretum

Sorry I could not join you all yesterday -- family duty! :-) However, I've spent a few mornings in the Arboretum this week. Started on a cold overcast day (was it Tuesday?) and managed to block in a painting before I was chased away by rain. Have been hoping to finish it, but... it's sunny and bright now. So, not to waste this glorious weather -- here's another one. My challenge for this season is to get used to larger format for plein air and push myself to work faster. Both paintings are oil, 16"x20" on Raymar panels. I would need another outing for the 'sunny weather' one, and one or two more for the 'cloudy day' one. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate! Also, my two cents to the theme of pink flowers -- they are fabulous this year, indeed. The unknown cherry variety completed last week, oil, 12"x16". Hope to see you all next time!

Arboretum Trees

Here's my completed painting.  Except when it dries maybe I'll try adding a figure in the distance plein air painting.  I had lots of models for that.   Tom