Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Prairie by Cherokee Marsh

Thank you, Marla and everyone else for a great outing and pot luck lunch! Yesterday's effort, oil 12"x16", needs a few touch ups.

Painting at Cherokee Park and Pot Luck at Marla's

Many thanks, once again, to Marla and Russ for graciously hosting the group yesterday.  We always enjoy your beautiful home and garden.   Several of us painted from Marla's porch while others went to the park.   And thanks to everyone for all the great food!!  Sorry for not getting more photos (I was too busy eating!) but below are a few and a random selection of the morning's work. I thought they all captured the feeling of a midsummer morning.
Marla with one of Jan's oils

The Viewing Tent

Gretchen's watercolor

Tom's painting

Sarah's value study in oil

Sarah, Doug and Marla's wonderful porch

I did a few corrections before posting my watercolor & soft pastel

Darya's oil painting at the marsh

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Cherokee Park 7-18-17

It was nice meeting with you all this afternoon. Thank you Marla for hosting. Your house is beautiful. My helpers and I had a great time.    8x10 oil on canvas

Paoli 7-15-17

Here is my effort from Saturday. It's a little 8x10 I am varnishing it to take it back to the girl in the hut that wants it. :)

Monday, July 17, 2017

Paoli Painting

It wasn't a DCPAPA event but a few of us painted at Paoli on Saturday during their music festival weekend.  Maybe we can post some of the paintings.  Here's the two I did.  The second one was a quick sketch of the scene while I drank beer and listened to two musicians playing.  Now that's the way to paint! I think the guy on the left was Johnny Cash ... at least that's how I painted him.


Sunday, July 2, 2017

Warner Beach

Here's another Warner Beach painting.  My first version had some problems with it ... I was distracted by the paparazzi.  Here's the repaired version.

Tom Gilbert