Thursday, May 4, 2017

Painting Arboretum

Sorry I could not join you all yesterday -- family duty! :-) However, I've spent a few mornings in the Arboretum this week. Started on a cold overcast day (was it Tuesday?) and managed to block in a painting before I was chased away by rain. Have been hoping to finish it, but... it's sunny and bright now. So, not to waste this glorious weather -- here's another one. My challenge for this season is to get used to larger format for plein air and push myself to work faster. Both paintings are oil, 16"x20" on Raymar panels. I would need another outing for the 'sunny weather' one, and one or two more for the 'cloudy day' one. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate! Also, my two cents to the theme of pink flowers -- they are fabulous this year, indeed. The unknown cherry variety completed last week, oil, 12"x16". Hope to see you all next time!


  1. Really amazing Darya. I think you're the Van Gogh of the group. So in your next painting you need paint some flowers (or fruit) surrounded by infinity. I also noticed the images you post are the small size. In case you aren't aware ... when adding an image, if you click on it, you get a menu giving you size options. The extra large size seems to fill up the space. Like my previous post.

  2. Thank you, Tom! Well, those shoes cannot be filled by anyone. :-) But I'll keep working and trying to capture a bit of infinity somewhere sometime! :-)