Sunday, April 30, 2017

Date Changed to Wed. May 3rd a@ 2pm - Plein Air Painting at the UW Arboretum

Lilacs and crab apple trees will be in bloom in the Longenecker Horticultural Garden at the UW Arboretum on Wednesday May 3rd for our first outing.  This is a change due to poor weather conditions on Tuesday.  Wed. afternoon should be warmer and hopefully we will see some sun.  We will meet at 2pm in the main parking lot by the Visitor's Center which will be open until 4pm.  The restroom and bubbler in the horticultural garden is now open for the season.  Curtis Prairie was recently burned as part of prairie maintenance and is looking fresh and green now.  Looking forward to seeing you all again this year!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

BB Clarke Beach

It's that time of year again. Finding cool a cool spot to paint is half the fun. It just gets hard after that, lol. I enjoyed getting sunburnt at the beach. I'm going add a person or two as well. Looks like I'll be finishing the color here.

Out and about again

It's been wonderful to be able to go outside and paint after a dreary winter. Hungry for color I get greedy and want to paint it all. Started last week with painting a swamp though and gradually moved to brighter subjects. Here's a few very quick sketches  done in the past week at the Arboretum, Pheasant branch and Picnic Point.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Holy Wisdom Monastery

Spring greens at the monastery's pond

My first plein air oil painting of the year
It was great to get out Friday afternoon and push some paint around.  I am hoping to do a lot more painting in oils this summer so it felt good to get them out again as I haven't done an oil painting in many months. The wood ticks are always bad at the monastery and sure enough one came home with me in my hair.  Yuck!  Not my favorite part of being a plein air painter!!  I signed up for a class with Jan Norsetter and Jon Wilde for June 3rd and another with Jan at Whispering Woodlands in August.  Kyle Martin has a 3 day plein air workshop coming up April 28 thru 30.  Not sure if that has filled up or not yet.  It was a bit too much walking for me but Kyle does great workshops and I always learn a lot in those.  It is so much fun to paint those spring greens but the do not last long enough.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Upcoming Show: Jan Norsetter

New Works at Zazen Gallery in Paoli, WI

opening reception April 21, 2017
Jan's opening reception is this Friday from 5 to 7 pm at Zazen in Paoli.
Rare photo from our archives of Jan with her feet up!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

DCPAPA: Springtime for Plein Air Painters!!

Image result for dane county paintings
Tom Gilbert in action!
It's that time again.  Our first outing will be on May 2nd with following painting dates on May 16 & 25.  We will post the time and locations soon!!  If any members have photos of their paintings or notices, etc they would like to post and are not yet a blog author please email me for more information.  We love to have our members work posted here.  Also if there are any plein air shows or events you want us to know about just let me or Tom know.  My email is:   Pat