Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Pheasant Branch Sky painting

I enjoyed painting last night.  The sky was dramatic and looked sort of like this.

I also enjoyed our gathering after the event.  I learned a lot from everyone, but then I forgot it.  Perhaps we should make a page where people could post links as I already forgot the name of the college in New York, as well as the podcast and probably a bunch of other things.   I'll start with a link to the Epic Rap Battle I mentioned:


  1. Doug, your painting is beautiful - it really captures the feel of yesterday. I also enjoyed last night - the only name I remember is the podcast - think it was The Savvy Painter? but Pat would know for sure.

  2. It is the Savvy Painter Podcast. Just google that and you will find it. I love all the sky colors!! We can add links on the left side on this page so I will put that one on there and if you have others you think would be good just email them to me and I can add them to the list under Painting and Art Links.