Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Kyle Martin's "Shoe" Painting - Vilas Park May 27th

The pattern of light and dark was very easily seen on the piece of playground equipment. The color of the shoe was also very intense and immediately drew me in. The next time I paint this shoe, I think I'll leave some of the halation out, and simplify the shadow/light planes more. And add some kids! I can't wait for the next time to paint with the group, Cory and I had a great time.   Kyle Martin


  1. It was really fun to have you paint with us and to meet Cory. Having a beer on the Union Terrace made it a perfect evening! I may have to try painting the shoe myself and a couple of kids in it would help the viewer to immediately understand what the heck it is!

  2. Had a great time with you and Cory! Love the shoe, love the colors and the halation.