Friday, June 16, 2017

Vilas Park Evening

It was a very nice evening at Vilas and I plan to go there again tonight only a little later.   The light really got nice after 7pm and looked best after 8pm.  The problem is that it doesn't last long!  But I thought I would try having my gear all set up and try a couple quick pastels.  Pastels are a real advantage when speed is an issue.  Last night I painted this small gouache on 6 x 6 Aquaboard.


  1. Nice composition Pat. I like the bold strokes of light on the water and your choice of color for the tree trunk.

  2. Thanks, Trisha - I made myself use a limited palette so that was the color I could get but I didn't realize it was quite that violet. I could see a bluish cast to the the lighter parts of the tree. and I was using a bit of dioxazine violet so I should not be surprised! that plus sap green and a bit of indigo made a nice dark. I think sap green is useful in gouache. It's a quick way to get a warm or cool green.