Friday, June 16, 2017

Vilas Park outing - Very nice evening for painting.

Here are my paintings from the last two DCPAPA outings. Vilas Park and Pheasant Branch Park - the view from Fredericks Hill. Both paintings I tweaked just a bit in my studio. It continues to amaze me how different the paintings can look when viewed indoors. I am pleased that I can see some progress in my painting and that I continue to keep a positive attitude.  Both paintings are 9 x 12 on panel using Daniel Smith water soluble oils. 


  1. Nice work, Trisha - I am seeing progress and I really like them. I love the play of sunlight the other side and under the bridge. It was so gorgeous at 8 pm that I want to go back and paint there closer to sunset even though it means painting fast. I think pastels are good for that.

  2. It is a very good one, Trisha, I completely agree with Pat!