Friday, June 2, 2017

Next Painting Outing at Pheasant Branch - Evening of June 7th

 We will paint at Pheasant Branch Conservancy on Wednesday June 7th starting 4:30-5 PM.  Yesterday I climbed to the top of Frederick's Hill and painted a pastel of the creek.  It is a long way to carry much gear but I got it all in one backpack.  I took the small version of a Heilman pastel carrier which only weighs 4 lbs when packed compared to the Backpack size which weighs 7 lbs.  The problem is picking the right colors because you have so much less room.  I will repack the pastels today bearing in mind what colors I needed yesterday that I didn't have.  Most important is having a good range of values.  Using the small box forces me to think hard about color and value and it is much easier to carry up that hill.  The path winds around and it is a long hike if you have a heavy load.  But it is nice and cool and shady at the top.

Frederick's Hill

10x12 pastel on Wallis paper


  1. It's such a lovely pastel, Pat! I haven't painted at the top of the hill, only by the creek and at the bottom of the hill -- it is such a peaceful place! Last week I went for a walk with the kids there -- there was a nice patch of wild lupins by the springs! Really pretty.

  2. Nice composition and value placement.