Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Cam Rock Park Shelter #3 10-5-2016

Hi all. This is my first post on here so I hope I do it right. I am a group newbie but longtime artist. Plein air painting comes hard to me being detail oriented and shooting for realism a quick study is hard to call finished. I hope to loosen up and pick up my pace as time goes on. I am starting with acrylics because I feel they are forgiving and kind of like training wheels. I hope to graduate to oils soon. It was great to meet and have dinner with a few members and hope to do it again.

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  1. Hey! ... I recognize this view. Nice posts Rick. I especially like the trees on the right side. There's a lot of green though. This fall hasn't been the most colorful and I think it sometimes helps to invent some yellow/gold/browns and throw them in.