Sunday, October 16, 2016

Bluff Strokes

I just returned from painting at the BluffStrokes plein air event in Dubuque.  It was a nice event, reasonably well organized, and with some great painting locations.  I'd say it was similar to Mineral Point's "Paint the Point" except Dubuque is a much larger city.  Dubuque has many old and interesting buildings and on the north and south river front areas are painting locations from up on the bluffs with great views.  Plus there are various places along the river front to paint.  They had a total of $10,000 in awards and about 50 painters participating.

It was unfortunate that, for the most part, the fall colors weren't out in effect yet.  The painting area included both Dubuque and the entire county, but in driving around the country side it seemed like maybe 90% of the roads had steep or narrow shoulders, such that it was impossible to pull over and paint by the side of the road.  But there were still many good painting areas in the city and parks.

There was a "Quick-Paint" and nocturne painting events.  Painters could enter three paintings in the main competition.  I didn't win anything, but, to my surprise, did sell three paintings.  Jim Faecke (from our group) also painted there.  I believe he won an "honorable mention" award.  And I saw his nocturne that was really an exceptional piece.  I had to miss the final day when they had the public sale, and the awards presentation, so I don't know yet who won the top prizes (1st prize was $2,000).

I'm attaching a photo I took of a cool river boat that Jim and I saw coming down the river from Eagle Point Park.  Plus two of my paintings that I sold.  I entitled the one painting "Distant Train" just so people would know those rectangular boxes were supposed to be a freight train.

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  1. Really nice paintings, Tom. I esp like the one with the bridge. Sounds like a good event and congrats on selling 3 paintings. I wasn't able to find the winning paintings online but hope the will post them. I would have given your bridge painting a prize!!