Thursday, April 28, 2016

Viking Park Painting

I recently had an interesting experience painting at Viking Park near Stoughton.  As I was painting a person came up to me and told me he had also seen me painting at this park last fall, and had taken a photo as I was painting.  We had a nice conversation and I gave him my email address and he said he'd send me the photo.  In return I then sent him an image of the painting I did that day.  I'm attaching both.  I cropped his photo so it matched up with the scene I was painting.  He used a phone camera and you can see it's not high quality resolution but I like the hazy, almost posterized look of it.  I find it interesting how the mood and colors of the painting and the photo are so different.  I think it's partly because I started painting in the late afternoon while I presume his photo was taken later with evening light as I was finishing up.  I may return to this site again next fall and try another painting more in line with the colors of the photo.


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  1. Great photo and painting. Perfect landscape subject. I want to check that park out. It is always interesting the ways art connects people and affects their lives whether in big ways or small.