Saturday, April 30, 2016

Token Creek Conservancy

We had a cold and somewhat windy day, but it was good to be outside painting!

Joan - thanks for the coffee!!

Wendy, working in pastels

My painting, finished up in my studio (where it was significantly warmer!)  Probably not a keeper, but it felt to good to be outdoors painting again :)


  1. Nice paintings and photos. We could have used a bit more sunlight but yes, it was good to be out there.

  2. Yes, I think more sunlight would have helped both for my personal warmth and the overall atmosphere! The day had neither a grey, moody feel nor a bright, sunlit feel. This in-between type of lighting is something I find particularly challenging, so this was a good exercise for me. My goal was to push the colors a bit and have a more expressionist feel rather than just rendering the scene. Hoping to get more experience with this over the upcoming plein air season!