Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Training visual memory

Several years ago I took an online landscape class with Texas artist Deborah Paris.  She is a tonalist in the tradition of George Innes.  I am not inclined to paint that way these days but I'm still on her mailing list.  I just wanted to pass along her link because she delivered a paper that is online on the subject of developing visual memory. My first choice is plein air most of the time, but I haven't seen or read something as focused on memory for painters as her paper is.

If you are interested in portrait or figure practice, 3 to 5 hour sessions are offered every week at Winnebago Studios on the east side (one block east of Atwood ave.)  Phil Salamone opens his studio for drawing or painting Mondays 5-10 pm, Thurs. 9 am-12, and Sat. 9-12 and 1-4 pm.  $15. drop in or less per session w. 3 month commitment.   He has standing easels and sitting benches on hand but I usually bring my plein air set up.  Phil also teaches at UW continuing studies.  The twice a year city-wide Open Studios on first Friday evenings of May and Oct. always brings a crowd to this multi-studio building.  I'm chasing the dream of incorporating figures into my landscapes eventually.  :)
Landscape oil painting by Deborah Paris


  1. Thanks for the tip John. I will add a photo of one of Deborah Paris's paintings (just for the heck of it). I am very interested in the subject of using visual memory and I often try to memorize something when I go for a walk and then do a watercolor sketch of it a few hours after. It's fun and I think very worthwhile. I have been to Phil's life drawing/painting studios and it is a very nice supportive environment with good models and interesting artists. It a great deal for $15 for 3 hours. I hope to get there more often in future.

  2. I just added the link to her blog in John's post which has the link to the 49 page paper John refers to and he is right it is an excellent paper on the subject. Well worth studying!