Saturday, January 10, 2015

Virtual Paint Out

Here's some possible help for getting through the winter ... a virtual substitute for plein air painting. I've added a link labeled "Virtual Paint Out" (see right side column) that goes to a blog created by the painter Bill Guffey.  Every month Bill provides a location for painting.  This month it's Philadelphia. Last month it was Rome, Italy.  Participants can then go to Google Earth and use the Street View feature to find a scene to paint.  Paintings can then be submitted to Bill Guffey and he posts them on his blog.

Obviously it's not the same as actual plein air painting but I found it fun.  I did do a Rome painting (with Roman ruins in it, of course) and I'm currently working on a painting of the downtown Philadelphia skyline.  Check out Bill's blog for a more detailed explanation and instructions.

I haven't got out for snow painting quite yet (this coming week may be promising) but I did recently re-paint an old painting and am posting it below.  This is the Rutledge Street bridge across the Yahara River in Madison.

Tom Gilbert

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  1. Great painting, Tom. I esp like the scumbling on the snow and the way the sky seems to pulsate. Nice shadows and water reflections, too. I am always forgetting to scumble!! Also great idea to do the Virtual Paintout and I promise to do a Philly scene this week. I am currently painting a scene I painted last winter sitting in the car along the Wisconsin River near Sauk City. Later next week a high of 32 is forecast and maybe we should give it a try if it is not super windy? I have ordered a new oil paint box (Open Box M) but it has not arrived yet. My old box made by Heilman is too tippy. It can be fixed but even when it was brand new it was not as stable as I would like so I decided to try the Open Box M. I'll post my Wis. River scene later today. I'd like to challenge all DCPAPA members to paint a winter scene indoors or out and post it or email it to Tom or I for posting. A good way to start the new year. Lots of possibilities now that we have fresh snow on the ground.