Saturday, January 10, 2015

Front Seat Painting

Because it is much too cold to paint outdoors I decided to paint from a watercolor sketch I painted last year (sitting in my car) along the Wisconsin River near Sauk City.  I was out looking for eagles.  My camera does not photograph the colors accurately for oil paint.  (Does anyone know why this is?) This does not seem to happen as much with pastels or watercolor.  Neither oil painting is as successful as the watercolor sketch.  Partly I guess because I am not painting from life as I was for the sketch. But it was an interesting exercise and I remembered sitting in the car and painting very clearly.  It always amazes me how drawing and painting from life fixes places and experiences in our memory so well.  Also pictured is my "new" palette that I made by taping a 16x20 inch piece of glass to a larger piece of plexiglas with a sheet of grey paper in between.  I was using disposable palette paper but I like this much better. 

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