Saturday, July 12, 2014

Babcock Park

 Tom took this photo of me painting this week at Babcock Park.  We had perfect weather with a good breeze to keep the bugs away. These pastels are painted on Pastelmat, a French paper that is smooth and suede-like and holds lots of pigment.  They make a nice yellow color that is good for summer paintings but I often do underpaintings usually with pastel and alcohol which dries fast even when it's chilly.  Pastelmat will take watercolor also.  The park was a good place to paint and I wasn't bothered by the traffic noise. Nice to see Mary and Doug, too!

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  1. Very nice, Pat! Was sad to miss painting there - I had taken the day off and intended to come, but my plans changed at the last minute because I had to ferry my niece to Milw and then Whitewater. I'm going to try to paint there sometime, though - looks like a nice spot!