Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Another Spring Green Painting

Pat's painting from Spring Green inspired me to share a painting (actually, an underpainting) that's also from the Spring Green Preserve (but not done Plein Air).  There's a lot of good painting material at the preserve and my painting shows one of the views if you hike on the trails to the hill tops.  It was too far to carry my heavy easel.  This is just the underpainting but I'm hesitating to paint over it because I like it as it is.  But one of these days I'll finish it and hopefully not ruin what I consider to be a promising start.


  1. Very nice!! I can see why you're hesitant to add anything - it has a nice, loose feeling at this point.

  2. Tom - Maybe you should leave this one alone and start another like it? I like it alot as is. Great sky and aerial perspective.