Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Out and about again

It's been wonderful to be able to go outside and paint after a dreary winter. Hungry for color I get greedy and want to paint it all. Started last week with painting a swamp though and gradually moved to brighter subjects. Here's a few very quick sketches  done in the past week at the Arboretum, Pheasant branch and Picnic Point.


  1. Looks like someone is happy to get outside after a long winter. Really nice work and I like how you've photographed them within the actual scene they were painted from.

    1. Thank you, Tom! Happy doesn't even begin to describe it -- I am intoxicated! :-) Would be out again today, if it weren't for the rain.

  2. Very impressive Darya!! Nice work and I am glad you are enjoying it so much, too.