Thursday, July 21, 2016

Annual Plein Air Painting & Pot Luck July 19th

 Left to right - Joan Siebers, Louise Kubista, Jan Feyzi, Siraj Hull, Gretchen Tweitmeier.
Darya's painting
More paintings from the morning session and some of Jan's collection above
Left to right on bottom: Oil paintings by Jane Varda, Jan Norsetter (2) and pastel by Trisha Duren
Marla explaining it all to us 
Jan Norsetter on Marla's wonderful porch
Jan, Tom and John deep in discussion about color

Trisha Duren taking a well earned break after a morning of painting
Jane Varda
Marla Brenner's lovely paintings

Jan Feyzi with new lightweight easel
Many thanks again to Marla Brenner for hosting our annual summer potluck.  The food, company and setting was excellent!!  Marla graciously gave us a tour of her extensive and wonderful art collection and a peek in her studio.  Just a glance around at all the paintings and color charts show what an excellent and hard working artist Marla is.  Even her color charts are works of art in themselves.  Marla said she wants to know how her colors mix before she goes outdoors to paint so she can get precisely the color she wants.  She also talked about the importance of mixing only single pigment paints to help keep the colors clean.  Jan Norsetter discussed how to mix a variety of greens which is essential for summer landscape painting and both her paintings were great examples of doing just that.  Thanks to everyone for showing up and sharing your paintings and ideas and great food!!


  1. Sorry I could not identify all the painters with their paintings but feel free to let me know and I can correct the omissions. Everyone did excellent work!!

  2. 2nd picture from the top, artists' paintings left to right - Joan Siebers, Louise Kubista, Jan Feyzi, Siraj Hull, Gretchen Tweitmeier.