Monday, August 24, 2015

Evening Painting at Holy Wisdom Monastery August 26 - 3:30pm

We will meet around 3:30 pm in the parking area near this pond on the west side of the property.  The prairies will be blooming with many native species.  Please stay on the trails or on places where the lawn is mowed as the monastery has worked very hard to restore and maintain the beautiful prairies and we don't want to damage any native plants that grow there.  The sisters are very generous to open their nature trails to visitors who want to walk and enjoy the peace of the this beautiful place.  Also we should be mindful that some hikers may be spending retreat time at the monastery and we don't want to disturb their peace and quiet.  Not that we are a rowdy bunch by any means!  I have seen deer and mink and many bird species on and around the pond and once watched a mink "collect" at least a dozen turtles in about 5 min.  Poor turtles!  

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