Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August 11th - Evening Painting at Indian Lake County Park

July Evening at Indian Lake
We will meet @ 4:30 pm for an evening painting session on August 11th at Indian Lake County Park (see Events Calendar).  I painted the pastel above one evening last month.  The prairie flowers are blooming and there are Great Blue Herons and Sandhill Cranes to be seen (and heard) along the lake shore.  In July I also painted the 2 pastels below near the picnic shelter that is on the left as you enter the park just before the main parking lot.
Cloudy afternoon view from the picnic shelter
Evening near the picnic shelter


  1. Hi Pat, the removed comment was from me. My daughter was previously using my computer and when I tried to publish a comment it had her name attached to it. Anyway ... I think these paintings are looking good. Like the color schemes in July Evening and the large pine one. The sky in July Evening might almost seem to be too large an empty space but in this case I think it works fine.


    1. Thanks, Tom - I was happy with them as studies and I did learn never to sit too close to a tall tree to paint it or you get a stiff neck! It is a struggle for me to see the pine tree in terms of different shapes and the initial drawing was better until I got distracted with color. But it was a beautiful evening and it is a really nice tree.