Friday, November 7, 2014

Winter Painting

Last Monday we had our last scheduled group outing at Olbrich Gardens and had some fairly decent weather.  Seems like were mostly lucky this past year with the weather.  I'll contact the group members again next spring to schedule more outings.

Although we won't have scheduled outings during the winter I encourage everyone to use our member distribution list if you're planning on an outing and wish to invite others for company.  It would also be nice to keep some new posts going during the winter and invite all of you to post your winter paintings.  If you're not sure how to post it yourself simply email your image and any associated comments to Pat Wafer, or to me, and we will post it.

I want to thank all of you who came out and painted and made 2014 a successful year for the group.  And things look even more promising for 2015 with a few of you talking about retirement and being able to paint more often.  I personally appreciate the friends I've made and how they've helped me better understand my painting and how to improve.  And I'm not just referring to the details of technique, but, more importantly, how to think constructively and positively about painting.

To get us thinking about winter painting I'm posting four paintings by some of my favorite artists.  The top painting is by George Sotter who is famous for his many snow scene paintings.  The second is by Richard Thompson, a Wisconsin resident and a painter who I consider to be rather under-rated.  Then two paintings by living painters.  The stream scene is by Peggy Root.  I just recently discovered her paintings and have been quite impressed with how she seems to use a very distinct color scheme for every painting.  In other words, her paintings don't all look alike.  The bottom painting is by Mark Boedgers.  Just an exceptional painter who reminds of Richard Schmidt.  Mark has been at the Door County Plein Air event the past couple years.

Happy Painting!

Tom Gilbert


  1. Many thanks, Tom, for finding great places for painting this year. Look forward to some winter painting (or at least sketching on snow shoes!)

  2. Great posting Tom! Love all of these paintings. Looking forward to painting this winter and even more, next spring.
    Thanks again for all the arranging of dates and places to paint this year!

  3. Thanks, Tom, for taking the time to arrange the dates/places for painting - I truly appreciate it. Sorry I couldn't make the last two outings, but I look forward to joining you all again next spring and summer. And thanks for all the work on the blog, Pat!

    1. Thanks, Jan. It wasn't that much work except for setting it up. Luckily I am a guest student at UW so I can use their IT help and one of their guys helped me alot getting it started. Google does not make it easy. Hope you can post some work this winter.