Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving to DCPAPA & Friends

Happy Thanksgiving to DCPAPA. Above is a plein air pastel sketch I painted last month at the Clearing in Door Co.  For those of you who know the campus I was sitting on the bluff behind the Schoolhouse facing Green and Ellison Bays.  It is a beautiful place where they have week long classes mostly in arts & crafts and nature study from May thru October and where I took my first watercolor class in 2004.  Their website is The other photo I took yesterday in the UW Arboretum where I had a close encounter with these guys while taking reference photos for snow paintings.  Too cold for me to paint outdoors.  Bill Hosner is a pastelist who paints only outdoors; he paints beautiful winter paintings and says he has gotten frostbite at least twice.  When it's cold enough to get frostbitten I opt for the comforts of the studio.  Happy Holidays to everyone and feel free to email me or Tom any winter paintings you would like posted on the blog.  Stay warm!  Pat

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