Sunday, August 28, 2016

I'd like to have suggestions on great plein air umbrellas.  I have one with a goose neck + clamp that holds on to my Julian when I want/need it.  Looking to step up a notch to a better one.
I would post a painting but I see I'm not accustomed to the blogger system yet & the routes to get it from my computer files to this post.  :))  See ya Tues I hope.  John Mix


  1. The only one I have used so far is the Shade Buddy. It is free standing which I prefer when painting with pastels for safety sake. I worry that the wind could knock over one that was attached to my tripod which with pastels is a disaster. It also is big enough to shade me, my pastels and my painting. The downside is that it is bigger and heavier than the ones that attach to easels and you can't get the stake at the bottom of it into rock hard ground. Overall it has served my purposes well and held up for quite a few years. One spoke is broken now but it still works fine.

  2. John, I just recently bought my first umbrella. It's an EASyL umbrella that you can check out at I think it's a great design and I like how far out it extends. I don't want to feel like I have to hunch over to fit under an umbrella. Probably even more important for you. The clamp seems really sturdy.

  3. I have a Shade Buddy too. Like it a lot. It's tall enough and sturdy, but requires softer ground to stake it in, as Patricia already mentioned.