Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Spring Paintings

I want to first thank Pat and Jan F. for taking photos of all the painters at our first outing.  It was sort of cool but spring is coming and it was nice to just get outside and start the new DCPAPA season.  I was also pleasantly surprised when I read the Sunday "Best" section of the State Journal and they had an article on Jan Norsetter's paintings.  About time they featured some good art instead of the usual modern or conceptual, or post-Da-Da whatever so-called art.  I'm letting my bias show but I get frustrated at times when paintings that take considerable knowledge, skill, and refined aesthetic judgments to create are dismissed as lessor art because of the subject matter or that realism is considered old-fashioned in some sense.

Pat, I appreciated your posting photos of some of my paintings from my Goodman Center show, but the lighting on those paintings was so poor it really bugs me ... so I'm posting a new painting to replace that previous post.  I did this on two separate days, first a careful and somewhat detailed underpainting and then adding the top layer and color the second day.  Quite often I seem to like my underpaintings better than the finished painting.  I may need to figure out why that is.


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  1. Well, I like both of the above. The water is very convincing and it is interesting to see the under painting; only 3 values and it's perfect. Thanks for pointing out the article about Jan's paintings. I agree about the bias in the press against realistic and landscape painting. The press is mostly interested in how many millions of $$ something costs and not in the beauty of the natural world and the challenge of painting it as well as Jan does.