Sunday, March 20, 2016

Late Winter Spring Painting ?

We're getting close to scheduling the first group outing but not quite yet.  On one of those nicer days earlier this month I also got out to Indian lake and did this painting.  It felt like a spring day so I was surprised when I got home, looked at it again, and noticed it looked like a fall painting.  So I checked the colors again from a photo I took and realized it really wasn't a spring scene (not a trace of green) but was a late winter scene. But still, my colors were off.  I suppose I could claim to be exaggerating colors for artistic purposes, but I really would have preferred to get closer to the actual colors.  The actual grass color (with the sun on it) was a whitish, washed out gray-beige of some sort.  I'll have to try for that color next time.


  1. I think this is one of your best paintings! Nice colors and the water is handled really well. I was there the same day and I think you captured the scene beautifully!

  2. I also think this looks great! I like the light and color. The grasses and oak? tree are especially nice next to the blue water.