Thursday, October 22, 2015

Lodi Segment of Ice Age Trail

We had our last scheduled outing this past week and had another good group attending.  If the weather holds (I'm predicting one of our warmest falls ever) I might schedule another outing in November.  I want to thank everyone who came out to paint this year.  And maybe some of us can set up some winter outings.

Regardless, feel free to post news or images of your paintings in the winter.   My last painting didn't work out so well so I'm not posting it but will leave with an enhanced digital image of today's fall foliage (from a secret location).

Tom Gilbert



  1. Wow - where is the secret location? Were you trespassing? Thanks again for coordinating our outings!! It was really nice to see a lot of painters this year and to have some new "regulars" join us.

  2. Thanks for all you do to set these up, Tom! I enjoyed painting with the group this summer and hope to get out for some winter painting sometime.

    I decided to scrape the painting I did that day - a learning experience, but no sense in wasting a panel :)