Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Please Remain Seated

Plein air gear adapted for my mobility issues

Pastel studies at Cherokee Marsh

Plein air painting is challenging when you can't walk very far and have to sit to paint but this set up worked pretty well last week after our wonderful luncheon.  I used the little transport wheel chair to get the gear from my car to the site then set up the Shade Buddy Umbrella, 2 tripods with Heilman Medium Pastel Box on one and a Guerrilla Painter #17 Flex easel on the other.  It bothers my back to lean forward when I'm sitting and the Flex easel lets me get the painting surface up close.  The problem with sitting is not being able to frequently back up and see the painting from a distance but the next best thing is looking at it in a small mirror.  Kyle Martin suggested that at a workshop and he checks for errors in his composition this way.   I use an old makeup compact mirror and some painters use their cell phones.  The Flex easel is very well made and works well for pastel or watercolor.  It's attached to a ball head on the tripod so I can angle it as desired.


  1. Looks like this will work well for you, Pat! Also - another thing you can use to get a more 'distant' view is a reducing lens. I'm not sure where to get one, but I know Mary Diman uses one. It looks like a magnifying glass.

    1. Yes - I forgot about the reducing lens. I ordered one online from Jerry's (I think) because of Mary's recommendation. She showed me how it helps see the values better in a still life set up. I will pack that, too! Thanks for reminding me.